Lynn Allen

Fun Photo Events for You and Your Pets!

Ive worn many hats over the years, however for the last four years I served as acting President of Local Rescue Canine Cupids. I am the Founder of Canine Cupids but life is fluid and ever changing. I have since resigned my board role and have decided to concentrate more energy back to my love of photography but still stay involved. I used to be known as Black Sheep Photographybut my rescue work took over and demanded all my time and my photography work took a back seat.

Over the many years with Canine Cupids, and even before, I began incorporating my love of photography doing these fun themed photo eventsat local pet stores to raise money for the rescue(s) I was involved with. Thats what PAWparazzi Milwaukee will be all about. Fun themed photo shoots for pets (and their owners) to benefit Canine Cupids and other rescues…so Stay Tuned!!!!!

I am a mom of three pit bulls and have a couple pitty fosters and you can find me on  Instagram @Pitty_full where I will probably post far too many photos of my dogs and foster dogs.

Each photo event will get you a matted 4x6 printed photo and the remaining photos posted here for you. I provide the props ,and acting like an idiot to get your pets attention and it's all only a $10 donation to the rescue.

Themes: Back to School, Carnival, Mug Shots, Spooky Halloween, Fear the Living Dead Dogs, Western, Easter, Valentines, Dinosaur, America/4th of July, Santa Photos and Holiday .......

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